Do you require a freelance camera man who has alot of filming experience to film on your behalf / represent your company and become part of your team? I come complete with a range of cameras including :- Black Magic URSA broadcast, Black Magic URSA mini 4.6, Sony EX3, Canon 5dMk4  and Sony A7sii dslr cameras and an array of different lenses.

I wear your branded clothing, hand out your business cards and come to your production meetings as one of your own. I never mention my company to your client so total transparency and trust is given. I have free lanced for many PLC, Bluechip and small companies for many years and even have email accounts setup in your business name.

My day film rate is £340 a day for myself and one of my cameras. Extra cameras are charged at an additional fee of £50 per camera, whilst editing is £250 a day.  Fuel expenses outside of Leicestershire are charged at .40p a mile and accommodation on top if required.

So if you need someone to add to your media team who has a lot of experience in the industry, has full insurance please drop me a line or call and I can give you a detailed list of the kit I have that is available when you book me or my team..

Corporate Motion Film Production