Corporate Motion Film Production

Hi and welcome to my photography page. Spending time with someone to take their image is a personal thing and I like to think I provide a friendly professional  photography service, making the subject feel relaxed and at ease in front of the lens whilst I take their photo. I offer various photography services, these include:- Portraiture, Products, New store openings, Cosplay, Fantasy, Family, Pets, Living History, Wildlife, and Aerial photography.

Male model Alexander Smith is deep in thought.

Model Jodi Mitchell casually poses in jeans and top in Birmingham – West Midlands

Model Lucy Ellen Phillips casually poses in blouse and sleeveless jacket at Guys Cliffe.

I like to think myself as a creative type of guy and love the freedom you get over video when it comes to capturing a single frame in time. Its that ability to frame up differently, to use light to a better advantage and above all to make that single image look better than how it was originally shot. Is there an art to taking a better photo than say others? I would say yes, there is a way that a more creative person holding a camera can see an image that makes a great image waiting to be taken.

Riky Ash Flying-side-kick

Stunt professional Riky Ash performing a perfect flying-side-kick at Bradgate Park.

My 7 year old Granddaughter in a wasteland style theme shot in Leicester UK

I like to be creative in the editing process and depending on the shoot, I like to add multiple layers like dust, light rays, sparkles, fog, and mist to enhance the shot. Then comes the tweaking of contrast and colour levels so the image starts to pop with vibrance. Add smoke, and lightning or angled bright light overlays. Slowly the original image is transformed into something even better. When you take that photo you must already see in your mind what the final product is going to look like.

Model Lady Viper posing as the Goblin King from Labyrinth

So what do I shoot with? well I use my trusty Sony A7SII with its an incredible 409,600 iso rating. The Sony really is an incredible camera, small in size but massive when it comes to low light photography and 4K video. I have a selection of 7 beautiful lenses ranging from Canon, Sony, Samyang and XEEN. I have portable camera friendly lights, flash guns, various back drops with frame and am more than happy to travel around the UK to get the desired shots should you require me to come to your chosen location.

Sheriff at the military odyssey show takes time out and ponders what to do next.

Lastly a selection of my Zombie images were published in the Twisted Wire October 2017 Halloween edition. – its pretty cool to see your work published. 🙂

Thanks for taking time out to read and view a small selection of my photos. More images can be seen at the bottom of this page and within my blog posts on my blog page.