Fake severed fingers props

Every now and again I get a call for a photo shoot and something really cool comes along and as it turned out this particular shoot was really cool.

The very talented Chris Morris owner of Vengeance FX located in Bedfordshire got in contact to arrainge a photo shoot as he wanted photos to help promote some of his guns, and props he creates.

The first thing that struck me when visiting Chris’s workshop is the amount of gear he has stroone around the walls, in boxes, on shelves and under hsi worktops. For me seeing a Judge Dredd helmet in his glass show case along with the rather large red arm from Hellboy was soooo coool.

Seeing a Bolter gun from Warhammer 40K or Thors Hammer was awesome and Chris is clearly one very talented guy. His passion for detail is what stands out…from the multi layers of paint on weapons where the paint has been rubbed off due to wear or to the tiny little rivets ot screws that he applys to his props. Some of the props have been fitted with tiny lights, or screens that light up, Chris really goes the distance in the fine detail.

For me the most impressive part of Chris’s ability is to weather guns. In some of the images below you will see how a Nerf gun that Chris has bought looks after he has spent some considerable amount of time on them applying a weathered look. The fake rust on his rusted up guns needs to be seen as the finished look is outstanding.

Chris even makes his own large scale backdrops which can be seen behind him in the full length posing shots.

So after taking some 175 images for Chris to help him market himself better I left with a big smile on my face as I had seen a master of props making first hand. His work is outstanding and what I saw was only a very small part of his collection or work in progress.

As I was leaving Chris approached me and gave a parting gift – an amazing sword and shield as a thank you – what more is there to say about this genuine guy but wow!

Chris is still working on his website at the moment but you can check out what he is up to on his facebook business page right HERE. 

So if you are in the film industry and require a copy prop from a feature  film to a bespoke prop be it large or small then send Chris an email – and see what he can create for you.